Monday, July 23, 2012

Melissa's Musings

So....I've decided that I'm far to witty and entertaining to limit myself to only posting about books. It is not nearly as satisfying to my soul as posting randomly is sure to be. Too often I think of something that is just TOO GOOD to not share with the world. I promise you that my musings, finds, ponderings and wonderings will be well worth it. Do not fret though- I won't forget the books. Ever.

On that note...I have several books that I've completed since my last update. One of which takes the place of one of my all time favorites. Like anyone who understands suspense, I could not possibly start out with that one. For that you'll have to read till the end. Ready? Saddle up.

Up first, The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster and Jules Feiffer. I never had an occasion to read this book in school. My SIL told me it was one of her favorites. Seeing as she has never steered me wrong, I wanted to give it a try. I enjoyed it. It was definitely a children's book and very fun to read. I can see how it could be a book that would stick in the heart and mind of a young reader. For sure something I will make sure my kids read at a much earlier age than 30.....three.

Side note- Lately I have had the worse trouble remembering how old I am. When someone asks me my age, I instinctively WANT to say 27, but feel like I should probably say 34. I am in fact 33. I think. You can see where I might have trouble.

The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker. I saw this on Barnes & Nobles website in their Staff Picks section. The story follows a young middle school girl who one day wakes up in a world in which it is found that the Earth has begun to slow its rotation. All of the scientific aspects are explored as well as the normal middle school angst kids face. Good book and interesting to think of changing environmental factors given all the discussion about global warming.

I am Number 4 by Pittacus Lore. Aliens from another planet come to Earth in an effort to eventually return to and save their home planet. 9 kids from the planet Lorian and their "trainers" were sent to Earth when their planet was destroyed. They are being hunted by another alien race and they can only be killed in the order of which they were magically numbered upon leaving their planet. Good story- teen literature (that seems to be my main theme lately). Looking forward to getting to read #2 in the series.

Finally. The book you have all been waiting for. I promise that this one will find its way into your soul. It will imprint itself on you and you will love it forever. I've read it twice and could read it much more often than once a year. The story is beautiful, the writing is phenomenal and the narrater, is death. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak takes place in Nazi Germany and follows a young girl throughout her unique journey. The Grim Reaper tells her story and you oddly come to love him. Such an amazing wonderful book. Please please read it. Do not miss the opportunity to love it like I do.

I am kind of sad that I didn't give the Book Thief its own post. It so deserves it, but you have to discover that for yourself. If you do happen to read it (and I hope you do) please drop me a note and let me know if you love it as much as I do!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's Pretend this never Happened

If you are not familiar with Jenny Lawson AKA The Bloggess- she is a funny, insightful, twisted, broken, bizarre, totally normal gal who gets something like 3 MILLION hits a month on her blog. She’s a blogging icon people.  She suffers from crippling depression and is honest and candid about it. She has unbelievable off the wall scenarios fall into her lap. Many self-induced some too crazy to make up. She has a totally disturbing love for taxidermied animals. Like Juanita the Weasel, a baby crocodile dressed like a pirate and some kind of mounted boar named James Garfield. She got her husband a SLOTH for their anniversary. She has an obsession with Will Wheaton collating paper, she loves the F word, she has insane conversations with her husband and she is kind of mostly always inappropriate. You will love her. Probably.  Run on over to her site:  and join the fun.

Jenny has  written a book called Let’s Pretend this Never Happened; A Mostly True Memoire. It debuted at #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list and continues to ride waves of success. I was very excited when I finally got my hands on this book. In the beginning I loved it, in the end I loved it. the middle I was losing focus. Not because it’s not good- it really is, it was just too much for me all at once and it became too fantastical and over the top for me to enjoy. However, I was not going to give up on her. I kept thinking that I enjoy her blog posts so much that it would be a disservice to just stop reading and write a bad review (that she will likely never read, but could because random stuff happens) and have it come back to haunt me some day (in what way I have no clue but again- randomness seems to plague me). SO- I took a step back, took a couple of days off, and then read a chapter, took another couple of days and read two more etc. At that point it redeemed itself and then some. Her writing is creative and her stories too much. Too much bizarre, too much crazy and too much funny- in a very good way.

Go to her site, read her book and be prepared to be simultaneously entertained, offended, horrified, amazed and awed. She's pretty awesome.