Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fifty Shades Darker and 25 Shades Better

Second book in the Fifty Shades trilogy done and I’m happy to say the porn has a plot! No, seriously it does, I’m not just saying that. There is some new drama beyond the Ana/Christian constant fight-makeup-do it and repeat cycle. There is now an element of character depth and dynamic. I still feel as though its mostly…predictable is not the word, but not surprising. At every twist and turn I think- sure, that pretty much sounds right and is what I expected. Nothing that blew my socks off like Shutter Island did.

**Here’s a recommendation- read Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. The movie was great- the book is amazing. For me the twist at the end was phenomenal and I absolutely did not see it coming**

Back to Fifty Shades- the ending of this did have a twist to it that I think will take the third book in a slightly different direction. Or maybe not. It might pan out exactly the same as the second one. Although I hope not.

I enjoyed it. I didn’t want to put it down which says more about the book than I can say here I suppose. Overall the story has picked up and I don’t feel like I’m reading a smutty novel to be read only under the cover of darkness or shielded by a paper bag book cover. I can’t decide if the fun times happened less often in this one or if it’s the fact that I didn’t read any of them that makes them fade into the background while I was reading it. Probably the latter. I did seem to skip over an awful lot of pages….

I’m looking forward to finishing it up and seeing how it ends. I just checked the library waiting list and I’m #12 of 78 for the third book. While I’m waiting for that to be available, I’m reading a series that is so far really very good. I’m excited to share this nugget when I’m done!

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